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(Contains: sexual themes and strong language)
Feeding was starting to get harder and harder. Your cravings were shooting through the roof, but you were stuck in a small town, making it near impossible to feed and get away. After all, even though you embraced and actually totally loved being a vampire, being discovered would suck, no pun intended.
Your alarm rang, not really to wake you up, since you didn't need to sleep, but more to remind you that you had to get the hell out of bed. You had been turned at age 18, which for a couple years meant smokes but no drinks. Now you had a fake ID that labeled you as 21, liberating you of school.
Needless to say, you moved around a lot and most of your friends were vampires, but a couple months ago you met someone named Gilbert. The two of you had hit it up pretty quick, doing practically everything together. In fact, that's what your alarm was reminding you about; that you were going to meet him in a few hours.
You got up and yawned, rubbing your eyes and faking fatigue. It was one of the habits you never lost, like breathing even though you didn't need to and wearing pointless sweaters. You took a quick shower and messed around with your hair, thinking it pretty rad that you didn't have to worry about your flawless, pale skin. Your eyes were starting to gain an odd tint, hinting at the fact that you hadn't fed in a while. You figured you'd be fine.
Your phone buzzed and you picked it up, reading the text. "Hey douchepants, you out of bed yet?" You chuckled at his language and replied, "Of course, anus-cheese."
You got dressed, pulling on an awesome band shirt and black skinny jeans, adding a few accessories.
You grabbed your satchel and dashed downstairs. You were out the door and in your (dream car) in the blink of an eye. Your house was secluded, perfect for bringing hookers home and having no neighbors to worry about.
After some speeding, you were at Gilbert's house. You ran up his steps and knocked on his door. He opened it and grinned, saying, "Hey (your name)."
His accent made your teeth ache, and you couldn't deny how much you wanted him. "Hey Gilly," you teased, using a nickname he despised.
"Ohh you piece of shit!" he exclaimed, pretending to shut the door on you.
You scoffed and pushed past him into his house, brushing against his stomach. You almost did a double-take at the feeling of hard muscles underneath. Damn you thought to yourself, he's pretty built.
You weren't sure why this surprised you. You'd seen him lift some pretty heavy shit. You shook your head to clear your mind and kicked your shoes off. You went into his living room and flopped onto the couch, kicking your feet up on the coffee table. "Make me a sandwich," you demanded.
He scoffed at you and smacked the back of your head as he plopped down next to you. His scent flooded your nose and your muscles went taught. He was oblivious as usual, chattering away about some hot chick at work.
You felt jealous all of a sudden and turned away from him, wishing he would compliment you. "Hey you," he said, tugging your (hair color) hair.
"I'm going to get a beer," you said, standing up and walking into the kitchen.
He followed, yapping away, now about food. "Jesus you never shut up," you joked, poking his chest.
"Wah, so mean," he whined, grabbing a knife and a lemon.
You raised an eyebrow at this. "We're being classy," me explained, cutting the lemon and making faces at you.
You rolled your eyes and went into the cupboard to grab a couple glasses. "Ahh!! Damnit!" you heard him curse, and then the most delicious scent ever filled your nose.
You whirled around, eyes wide. Gilbert was holding his hand, blood seeping between his fingers. You tried to hold back, but it was pointless. You rushed at him, grabbing his shirt and slamming him against the wall. "What the fuck?!" he shouted.
"I'm sorry, but I need this. I won't hurt you," you said apologetically as you grabbed his hair and pulled his head back, exposing his neck.
You lick your lips and leaned in, your fangs sliding out as you sunk them into his flesh. He gasped, mostly in shock. You held his head gently in your hands, making sure he didn't move and hurt himself. You drank enough to please you and not hurt him.
He eventually stopped struggling, his breathing picking up as he panted, his chest rising and falling against your body. When you pulled away, he slowly opened his eyes, staring at you. You backed up, staring at the ground guiltily. You expected him to shout, call you a monster. Eventually he said quietly, "So, you're a vampire?"
You nodded, looking up. He gently touched his neck, holding his previously injured hand to his chest. "Here," you said, moving to where you knew he kept his first aid kit.
He allowed you to wrap your hand, just watching you silently. "I'm really sorry," you said miserably, grabbing a beer and ripping the top off with just your nails.
You downed the whole thing and groaned, running a hand through your messy hair. Gilbert moved forward and hugged you, shocking you so much that you couldn't move for a second. "Am I going to become a vampire?" he asked.
You shook your head. After a few moments of silence, he muttered under his breath, "No wonder you're so hot. Vampire skills."
Now that you were full of blood, you could blush, and did so brightly, looking at him.
He caught your gaze and grinned, stroking your hair comfortingly. "I'm not mad. I guess it's kind of cool. You're obviously not evil or anything," he said, then added on, "and honestly the idea of you all over my neck really turns me on."
You looked up and were met with his lips against yours in a needy kiss. His hand slid to the back of your head, gripping your hair and making you groan. You ran your hands across his chest, feeling his muscles and then down to his legs. He pulled away for a second and whispered in your ear, "Bite me~."

-a few hours later-

Gilbert leaned over and kissed your forehead. "I'm glad I finally made a move. A little ashamed it took you drinking my blood to make me brave enough, but who cares," he said with a laugh, wrapping an arm around your bare shoulders.
"You  wouldn't believe how long I'd been wanting you," you said honestly, reaching up to run your fingers through his soft hair.
He took your hand and kissed your knuckles, grinning at you. You laughed and kissed his cheek. "You remember how we first met?" you asked quietly.
"Yeah, you busted me spray-painting a massive dick on the wall of the police station, and instead of snitching, you helped me finish," he replied with a chuckle.
You laughed and  licked your fangs subconsciously, your (eye color) eyes alight with joy. "Man, I fucking love you, you sexy vampire you," he said, pulling you against his chest.
You listened to his heart, knowing that it had enough love in it to beat for the both of you.  
Prussia x Vampire!Reader
A gift for :icontssweets:!! I know I said it'd be a while but I'm at a friend's house and they're both passed out so I figured what the hell I'll write it at 2 in the morning.
Shoot me if it sucks I'm honestly too tired to even tell
It was your first day in a new highschool, in a new town along the coast of Sweden. You didn't know anyone, and it seemed the small school had a tightly knit student community. By the time lunch came around, you'd made no friends at all.
You weren't feeling very hungry, your stomach taught with nervousness, so you decided to just find an empty table. After scanning the whole room, you only saw one table that wasn't crowded. You hurried over, keeping your head low. The boy already there was reading a book, totally ignoring the madness of the room.
"Excuse me?" you said, standing across from him.
He looked up at you, and you felt your heart flutter. His eyes were a gorgeous blue, watching you from behind a pair of thin-rimmed glasses.
"Yes?" he asked with the thick accent that everyone here had.
"You don't mind if I sit here, do you?" you ask softly.
He shook his head and you settled down with a quiet "thank you", pulling out your sketch book and flipping to a drawing you hadn't quite finished yet. You began to work on it, shielding it with your arms like you always do when you draw. When you finished, you slid your hands back a bit and smiled to yourself.
"Looks good."
You jumped in surprise and looked up, meeting his gaze. "Thank you," you answered shyly, blushing from the praise.
"Who is it?" he continued on, getting up and moving around to sit next to you.
"It's (favorite character) from (favorite book)," you explained, figuring he wouldn't understand.
"Oh, I like that book," he replied with a nod and the tiniest of smiles.
It seemed you had just made a friend.

You and Berwald grew close very quickly. You did most of the talking, but that was ok with the both of you. According to him, what you had to say wasn't stupid in the slightest. You developed a crush on him, though you denied it, even to yourself.

One day, you two were walking to school together. It was very dreary, and the oppressive clouds hung heavy overhead. You were both seniors, and the joy of school soon being over was dampened by the weather.
About halfway to school, the heavens opened up and it began to pour rain. Shouting in surprise, you snagged his arm and began to run. He kept up with you easily, holding his book-bag over your head in an attempt to keep you dry. You two skidded to a stop at an old bus stop, panting and doubling over under the roof. "Do you want to wait it out?" you asked him.
He shrugged and plopped down onto a bench. The sun was blocked out by the trees around you, and even if you wanted to keep going, the dirt road had already become sa muddy river. You sat next to him and began to shiver as the heat from the run seeped out of you. Your teeth chattered, drawing Berwald's attention. "Cold?" he asked.
You nodded, and before you could utter a sound, Berwald scooted over and wrapped an arm around you. You blushed, though it was unnoticeable since your face was still flushed from the mad dash. Berwald wrapped his other arm around your front, hugging you. He rested his forehead against the side of your head, his warm breath brushing your ear.
After much internal debate, you gave in to your urge and snuggled closer to him, moving your head so it rested against his chest. That's how you too sat for twenty minutes as it rained, reveling in each others warmth. When it stopped finally, you lifted you head up and sighed. "Shouldn't we go now?" you asked, turning to Berwald.
Your heart skipped a couple beats when you saw how close his face was, his eyes staring deep into your [e/c] ones. You saw a look in his eyes that you had only saw in your dreams, and a silent agreement passed between you.
You both leaned forward and pressed your lips together, once again sharing the other's warmth. The kiss lasted a few moments before Berwald moved his lips to your ear and whispered softly, "I love you."
"I love you too," you replied with a grin, ruffling his hair lovingly.
SwedenxReader: Warmth
An old commission I just re-wrote <3 tried to make it not gender specific because yeah úwù
Tagged by :iconjohnneko:
1. Each person has to share 5 things about themselves.
2. Answer the 10 questions asked to you and invent 10 questions the people you tag will have to answer.
3. Choose 10 people and put their icons on your journal - not something like "you are tagged if you read this", you have to tag legitimately 10 people.
4. No tag backs.

About Moi:
1: I freaking love to swim
2: I'm 99.9% sure that I've got a borderline personality disorder õuõ
3: I love to write about gore
4: I'm antisocial when I'm alone (as in I don't text people first like ever and just kind of remove myself from society)
5: I've got a massive bear cock //bricked// I can't think of something legitimate right now
Questions for Moi:
1.What is your favorite character to Cosplay or Draw?
Well I really love to draw Levi from AoT and I'm thinking of maybe cosplaying as Cecil from Nightvale. I've only ever closet cosplayed as Eren (from AoT)
2.What is your favorite holiday?
Halloween yo
3.What are your bad habits?
Totally spacing out when people talk to me
4.Anyone who's art you admire?? Cosplay?? ..Writing??
Ok well I love a lot of artists on here and I admire any cosplayer who looks awesome but like my favorite artists on here are probably :iconturtle-arts: and :iconsharkie19:
5.If you could live in the world of ANY game/anime/book/ect, what would it be? (Remember, if the story surrounds people who are 'special' in some regard, there is no guarantee you would be. For example, if you lived in the HP world, you might not be a wizard)
Dude I'd live in the Harry Potter realm anyways and I'd be a fuckin amazing wizard. I'd live in the movie How To Train Your Dragon and in the game Dramatical Murder *attempts pokerface* *fails with a major boner*  I'd also love to live in the Black Butler realm, Supernatural, etc  /shot for being such a fanboy
6.If your hair could be any color, what color would you pick? >:D
Bright red like blood
7.Is there anyone in the DA community you would like to get to know better?
8.Do you play video games or VN's?? IF so, what is/are your favorite(s)?
Legend of Zelda
9.What is your favorite FOOD and DRINK?
Food: strawberries. Drink: strawberries lemonade-tea
10.Who is your favorite OC?
Of my own? Probably Kasey, he's a babe. Someone else, I would have to say all of :icontentabulge:'s characters (especially Sean omg) as well as some other peeps like :iconelephantwendigo: like holy shit

Ten Questions for You ~
1: If you could have sex with one fictional person, who? If you don't like sex, then who would you cuddle and watch Netflix with?
2: What color would represent your best friend?
3: Do you like hot weather or cold?
4: Is ACDC amazing? (Please say yes omg)
5: Have you ever been really attracted to someone else's OC or even your own?
6: Hannibal Lecter or Dexter Morgan? Or both? Don't know them? Go eat a cookie and think about what you've done.
7: Last song you listened to?
8: Do you like The Pretty Reckless?
9: What's your favorite monster?
10: Favorite Doctor? (Doctor Who)

I tag: (don't have to)
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Twist by freckly-voodoo-doll
Seconds Before by freckly-voodoo-doll
Zoe by freckly-voodoo-doll
Posing by freckly-voodoo-doll
Luminous by freckly-voodoo-doll
So In Sync by freckly-voodoo-doll
I have two dogs and five cats and a nice camera and of course I can't get everything but if you give me a general topic I can certainly try.
Digital Art - Headshots and Chibis
Chibi Koka by freckly-voodoo-doll
Devious Smile by freckly-voodoo-doll
Good Morning~ by freckly-voodoo-doll
Charley by freckly-voodoo-doll
A little more expensive due to the time and aggravation I go through for these. Always colored, though. I don't do full-body because it's not my strong point yet, but if you pay me I'll try lol.
Anything at all.  Try to limit the smut but I will write fanfics and reader inserts. I tend to think of literature as my strong point.
Traditional Drawing (colored vs. non-colored)
My Scars, Aru? by freckly-voodoo-doll
Cup O Yummy by freckly-voodoo-doll
Leartes sketch by freckly-voodoo-doll
Bane's Little Alcoholic by freckly-voodoo-doll
Fight No More by freckly-voodoo-doll
Adoptable [OPEN] by freckly-voodoo-doll
Color will be an extra five points because I don't like to color...


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Well I'm just a seemingly lovable piece of shit

I play basketball, soccer and I swim

I obvi like to draw

I write too

And am interested in photography

I am so gay... I'm actually pansexual

:iconshota-king: is my Asian babe

:iconhigitsunetenshi: is my sweetheart

:iconstrawberry--chan: is my cuddler

:iconstitchedsmile1: is my sis do not mess with her

:iconrainekokoro: is just amazing

:iconshotgunraine: commands an army of femimen (feminine men) with me

:iconfrench-farcie: is my violent lover

:icondarkangelcassy: is my frand

And forever RIP to Duke-Kahvi




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