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Stolen from KleinerKiller who's one cool dude yo B)

- All categories must be filled out, regardless of your normal sexual preferences (have fun with it -- everyone has at least ONE exception, right?). If you genuinely have no answer, do a little research. Or be funny. That also works in such a situation.
- Elaborate a bit on who the individual you're talking about is and why you're crushing on them.
- Optimally include at least one picture per answer -- NOT of the Rule 34 variety unless it's hilarious.
- Tag as many or as few people as you want.

Male Actor:
Jeremy Renner. He's really funny and has a cute smile and he's also really happy and just a feel-good guy ;;v;; also sexy as fuck holy moly fairytalepictures.files.wordpr…

Female Actor:
Halle Berry. She's sooo beautiful and cute and quirky, and she was great in the Bond movie she was in.…
Also Samira Wiley hoooo my… what a cutie

Male Singer / Performer:
Paulo Nutini. He's so.. Angular. His jaw is hella tbh. Also his voice makes me melt lol.…

Female Singer / Performer:
Alessia Cara. She's new to the music industry and really young but here music is mmmm so fine. I relate to her music a lot, and she's really cute I mean look at her…

Male Internet Celebrity:
Markiplier... Cliché I know but really.. He's so positive and cute and I love guys with glasses mm yes. Also I like his teeth is that weird??…

Female Internet Celebrity:
Is it bad I'm not sure if I know any? All girls are gorgeous tbh...

Female Literature Character:
Honestly this is hard because there's so little variety?? But in the end, Ginny Weasley. She's great… she's smart and brave and fuck the movies she's great in the books. Also I love red heads.

Male Literature Character:
Magnus Bane ;;v;; he's tall, Asian, and bisexual so yay for meee. Author's sketch:… plus film version:…

Female Television Character:
Irene Adler from Elementary. She's a beautiful blonde painter do I need to say more? 17rg073sukbm1lmjk9jrehb643.wpe…
Also Joan Watson, also from Elementary ;;v;; she's so smart and cute and I fell in love with her morning hair and cute outfits…

Male Television Character:
I almost agreed with Sben and put Will Graham but to throw in more variety I must admit I have a thing for BBC's Moriarty. He's my favorite kind of crazy and just everything about him, man...…

Female Video Game Character:
Thelma from Twilight Princess. She's sexy in my opinion and her cat is pretty. She runs a bar and is badass in my opinion. (Fan art, but accurate and good)…

Male Video Game Character:
Ganondorf. Yes. Shut up. He's.. Hot.. Tall.. Buff.. Evil...… ALSO HIS HAIR IN HYRULE WARRIORS FFUCK I WANNA NAP IN IT. Plus young Ganon is just Yess??…

Female Anime / Manga Character:
Mey-Rin from Black Butler!!! She's cute... But also badass!!! Also she's a maid *eyebrows*… she's a boss with guns and yes
Also Grelle. Some people call her male and I guess I'm ok with that but my head canon is she's legit trans? She's gorgeous.… her eyes omgg

Male Anime / Manga Character:
Undertaker, also from Black Butler. He's crazy af and I think you've realized by now just how attracted to that I am. Also HIS EYES MM OOO YAHH YESS also I want his nails down my back tbh B)…

Female Comic Book / Graphic Novel Character:
Nimona!!!… little babe in the middle. She's a shapeshifter who has great hair and don't need no man

Male Comic Book / Graphic Novel Character:
RGB from The Property of Hate... Yes he's an object head... No I don't care.. I like his outfits and his personality…



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I'm a freckly, sleepy, moronic Trash King.
Please call me Elliot or King.
Don't bring any racist, sexist, homophobic, etc, bullshit to my page please. I don't tolerate prejudice.

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:iconshotgunraine: commands an army of femimen (feminine men) with me and is a boss ass bitch

:iconfrench-farcie: is my significant other but doesn't really use dA sorry haha

So yeah hit me up, my tumblr is freckly-moron, my art blog is brutal-punishment ( )

And forever RIP to Duke-Kahvi

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